Q: What is Petite Performers?

A: Petite Performers is a one stop shop for all your pre-school performing needs. With classes from as young as 16 months that include Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Drama and Singing, you’ll need just one school to introduce your child to the magical world of theatre and performing.

Q: What Happens in a Petite Performers Class?

A: Whether it’s Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop or Drama, our Petite Performers classes follow our winning formula of warm up, technique and routines.

  • Warm ups include plies, tendus and rises for the ballet dancers; knee bends, jumps and shaky limbs for the tappers and hip hoppers; whilst the budding actors explore squidgy faces and funny voices. These specially put together exercises are delivered in fun, expressive and exciting ways.
  • Technique sections see your little dancers learn to jump, hop, march, skip, spring, gallop, balance and so much more. Actors gain confidence, learn voice projection, dive into their imaginations and make up their own adventures.
  • The performance routines bring these new found skills together, preparing your child for the end of term showings to parents and carers.

Our Parent & Me classes for younger children are a wonderful combination of all of the above, giving your child the ground work skills to move up to any or all of the specific genres at the age of 2and a ½.

Q: Do parents stay or drop off?

A: Parents and carers stay for our youngest class (the Parent & Me class) and assist the child with all the exercises, holding their hands and guiding them through the work. Once the children progress into the Baby Ballet, Didi Drama, Tiny Tap and Mini Hip Hop classes (ages 2 ½ -4) parents and carers can drop off their children and grab a coffee while their budding stars perform their hearts out.

Q: How do I book my child into a Petite Performers Class?

A: All bookings are taken online through our integrated booking system. Find A Class and your nearest school to view their timetable and book into a class that suits. All Petite Performers schools offer a one off paid trial class before signing up for the remainder of the term.

Q: What do I need to know about fees and how to pay?

A: Fees are paid termly. All fees must be paid on, or before the first class of term (or before your first class if you are new and starting part way through a term). All payments are made through the website via our online booking system. New children joining part way through a term are charged for the number of weeks remaining from their first class. Head to your local Petite Performers page to make your booking.

Q: Can I make up any classes I miss?

A: Yes! Missed classes are non-refundable, however, classes you miss can be made up at any other Petite Performers class your branch offers. It doesn’t even have to be the same genre. We’re more than happy for you to make up a missed Baby Ballet class with a Mini Hip Hop or Didi Drama class. It can be a great way to try out our other classes!

Q: Can my child join mid-term?

A: Of course! We offer the chance to take a complementary class at any time throughout the school term. Should you wish to sign up after this class you will be able to book for the remaining number of classes in that particular term.

Q: How long are the classes?

A: All Petite Performers classes are 30 minutes. Where possible we try to schedule two different classes back to back (for all children aged 2 ½ and above) giving you the option to double up your child’s performance time.

Q: Can my child try a class first?

A: Yes! We offer a complementary class to all new students and you can attend all classes available within the correct age group. For example, if your child falls within the 2 ½ 4 year’s age bracket you can attend 4 complimentary classes, one in Ballet, Tap, Drama and Hip Hop.

Q: Are all Petite Performers classes for Boys and Girls?

A: All Petite Performers classes are designed with both Boys and Girls in mind. With a choice of Ballet, Hip Hop, Drama and Tap we are sure you will find a class that your little one will love!

Q: What to wear

A: Petite Performers has a set uniform for all its classes and uniform is compulsory.

View our What to wear page

Q: What are the benefits of performing arts classes for children?

A: There’s so much to say about this that we can’t fit everything in – Here’s a great article from the National Dance Educational Organisation if you want to find out more.