Our Magical Classes

Our incredible program was carefully developed and designed with the expertise of the Petite Performers Founders.

Summer Camp

Summer Classes

Baby & Me Dance

6 - 15mths

Start to experience the magical world of ballet and dance with our Baby & Me class. With the use of music, props and instruments your little one will start to learn the very beginnings of the magical world of dance and music. 

You & Me Dance

1.5yrs - 3yrs

Exploring movement and music through the magical world of dance – in these weekly classes, we use props, games and songs to teach your Petite Performer just how much fun they can have with their little bodies. From the tops of their heads to their tippy toes! With mummy, daddy or nanny's encouragement, our Petite Performers really do shine.

Parent/Carer participation required 

Didi Drama & Singing

3yrs - 4yrs

Digby Drama likes to go on an adventure, taking your child through stories full of fantasy and superheroes galore! By the power of singing, moving & imagination, Digby Drama will teach your child to develop their speech, how to use eye contact, body language and the joy of storytelling using their body and their voice. Your Petite Performer’s confidence and communication will grow as they work with the group to create a universe of their own, a place where dreams really do come true!

Pre Primary Ballet & Hip Hop / Ballet & Tap I

4yrs - 6yrs

Classes will follow the same structure as the terrific Petite Performers pre-school classes, whilst enhancing your child's love for all things performing.  It is here that we introduce more advanced technique, vocabulary and choreography, and allow children to develop their articulation, musicality & rhythm.

Whether it’s Ballet, Tap, Jazz or Hip-Hop, your child will come skipping out, with memories and friendships made, full of pride and a sense of achievement. These classes are structured to carefully transition students from the Petite Performers’ pre school syllabus, into Primary level, where they start to work towards examinations.

Pre Primary Ballet & Hip Hop / Ballet & Tap II

5yrs - 7yrs

Primary Ballet & Hip Hop / Ballet & Tap

6-8 Years